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Choose One of Four Outstanding Welcome Bonuses

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Wize Option
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Wize Option [read review]

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Invest anywhere from $500 to $50,000 and Wize Option [read review] has a great welcome bonus offer for you. They cater to all levels, whether you are a novice to an expert at trading binary options. Deposit what you can afford to, and enjoy the fast-paced thrills of options trading.

The Starter Plan is for those looking to turn a little into a lot. Deposits of just $500 to $999 will grant the fewest benefits of the four plans, but still offers some very useful features. The 50% bonus is a great bankroll booster, which comes in handy when making multiple trades simultaneously.

The Standard Plan is for more serious traders who don't want to risk a lot. This is given for deposits of $1000 to $5000. The first trade you make here is insured, so if you lose up to $400, it will be returned to your account balance immediately.

The Silver Plan is the most popular plan at Wize Option [read review] .Depositors of $5001 to $10,000 will reap the benefits of this account. Get broker support and trading signals at any time. Also enjoy 3 insured trades and a bonus up to 100% - doubling your capital! The best feature might be 48 hour withdrawals, allowing you to move money on and off of your account with ease.

The Gold Plan is the highest level account here. This gives all of the benefits of Silver, plus more to depositors of at least $10,000. Get access to 5 insured trades up to $1500 each - a $7500 value! The bonus is upped to 150% and same day withdrawals or available during the week.

To learn more, contact us or sign up can contact your Wize Option [read review] broker today.
Binary Top News

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