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Collect Tiered Initial Deposit Bonuses to Work Your Way to VIP Status

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OptionBit [read review]

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Creating an account at OptionBit [read review] not only provides access to a high quality, easy to use platform, but admittance into an educational center that provides trading advice, a glossary of terms and an economic calendar that will allow you access the pulse of the industry to make informed investment decisions.

No matter which level you are trading within, OptionBit [read review] delivers an initial deposit bonus to help you learn about the platform and the strategies that deliver success on their dime. This helps provide confidence, educational understanding and an investing prowess that comes with seasoned trading experience.

The allowance plans unfold based on your initial deposit amount, and can be requested in the form of a 30% bonus on an initial deposit of $200; 40% on an initial deposit of $500; and 50% on an initial deposit of $1,000. Those percentages equal stunning amounts of bonus bankroll and equal total amounts of $260, $700 and $1500, respectively on the listed initial deposit amounts, giving you access to in depth trading opportunities and expansive educational trading experiences.

Once you begin trading with regularity at OptionBit [read review] ,you will be invited to join their VIP status ranks, which entitles you to premier services and priority scheduling when requesting an appointment with a market analyst. You will receive an actual VIP number that will allow you to call OptionBit [read review] directly during trading hours for help with your investments without delay. In addition, your withdrawals will be given priority processing, and you will receive extra allowances on future deposits.

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Binary Top News

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